Swipe Out Insecurity

Whether it’s an invitation to a party or not having the new iPhone, every college student has insecurities. With 1 in 7 college students struggling with hunger, we believe food should never be one of them.

Today we announce our “Swipe Out Insecurity” campaign which will culminate on November 29th, Giving Tuesday. This campaign aims to raise awareness about on-campus hunger and start a conversation to fight the stigma surrounding personal finances– the barrier often preventing individuals from seeking help. 

This month, we’ll encourage students to visit www.swipehunger.org/pledge where they can pledge to donate their extra meal points. Last year alone, 8,276 students donated through Swipe Out Hunger and this year, we estimate more than 12,530 students to give. We want you to be a part of that movement. You too can visit our pledge page and help us raise $8,276 over the next 29 days in honor of each student donor who helped make an impact.

Throughout the month, we will share facts and stories about the issue in an attempt to end the stigma associated with disclosing financial hardships and seeking help. Foremost, one in seven college students in the U.S. struggle with hunger and at University of California schools like UCLA and Berkeley, that number becomes a shocking one in four. 

This issue is tricky to address because in the national discourse and among college students, people seem more willing to share almost any personal fact about themselves than the amount of money they have in their bank accounts.


There is no reason talking about finances should be what  prevents someone from a needed meal. 


In response to this issue, the “Swipe Out Insecurity” campaign aims to:

•  Raise awareness about the prevalence of food insecurity and other financial hardships that many college students face.

•  Raise awareness about how uncomfortable and stigmatizing it may be for financially distressed students to open up to others and seek assistance.

•  Engage the community in developing strategies to reduce this discomfort and stigma.

•  Publicize the local services on each campus that support food insecure students.

•  Break the record of meals pledged to end hunger.

Thankfully, who better to help us than the students living in the midst of the problem. Therefore, we are doing this in conjunction with chapters on the ground and will share updates about the implementation at chapters and highlight our student leaders.


Are you a student in need?

1. Visit our chapter map to learn more about the resources on your campus. 

2. Can't get through? Email our team to get connected to someone on your campus. team@swipehunger.org

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