University of Nevada – Reno

About the program

During designated periods through the semester, students can donate swipes at tables in dining halls. Students will fill out a form with their student ID information that is sent to the dining department, who then transfers meal swipes from their account. Meal swipes are then distributed upon student request. Students experiencing food insecurity may request for meal swipes if they have visited the resource pantry at least twice during the semester. Students may request meal swipes up to 3 times a semester.

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? Reach out to Pack Provisions atΒ [email protected].


  • Associated Students of the University of Nevada

Year Founded


Program Roots

In 2014, Pack Provisions started a partnership with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada to help sustain the amount of food Pack Provisions can offer for its users. In the Spring of 2019, Pack Provisions expanded to a larger space, providing the opportunity to offer more resources to those facing food insecurity at UNR.

Get involved

Students can get involved with the program by becoming a volunteer for our resource pantry.


  • Center for Student Engagement on the 3rd floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union Building

  • Hours vary by semester and can be found here.