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About the program

Each semester, students with meal plans can donate up to 3 guest meal swipes online or in person at Swipe Out Hunger drive tables in the dining halls. The donated meal swipes are distributed to students who struggle to get enough to eat.

Do you struggle to get enough to eat? If you donโ€™t always have enough money for food, you can email us at [email protected] to learn how you can get access to 5 free meals.

Click here for additional food resources and information about the Nutritious U Food Pantry (also in the Campus Resources section below). 


  • David Begelman

Year Founded

Fall 2017

Program Roots

Swipe Out Hunger is a student organization focused towards combating food insecurity and reducing the stigma on hunger. Along with the meal swipe program, we are committed to advocating for basic needs in higher education.

Get involved

Contact [email protected]ย and check out our Facebook page or Instagram page.