Santa Monica College

About the program

At Santa Monica College, the FLVR program provides free lunch vouchers valuing $5 each for students facing food insecurity. A portion of student fees was allocated as the initial funding source for these vouchers.

Each semester, Santa Monica College enrolls up to 200 students per semester who receive up to six $5 vouchers each time they visit a counselor (up to a total of 18 vouchers each semester).

Are you a student experiencing food insecurity on campus? Visit the Office of Student Life to apply to receive vouchers. In addition, check out our Campus Resources section below to learn about the Bodega food pantry, which is also where Everytable is donating 300 to 500 meals a week to students in need as well as where fresh produce gleaned from the Santa Monica Farmers Market will be.


  • Nancy Grass

Year Founded

Spring 2016

Program Roots

Santa Monica College and the Office of Student Life have been very active in addressing the food insecurity issues of SMC's students. In the fall of 2015, Associated Students Board passed a referendum to allocate a portion of student fees to fund free lunch vouchers worth $5 each for students facing food insecurity. Over the past two years, SMC's Office of Student Life along with the help of the Associated Students Board of Directors, has lead the way in developing programs that directly provide nutritious meals to students as well as assisting students in identifying resources to nutritious food.

Get involved

Contact the Director of Health and Wellbeing Susan Fila at [email protected] to inquire about the FLVR program and visit this page to learn more about the food security resources on campus. 


  • Student Life / A.S. Office, Cayton Center, Room #202, above the cafeteria, elevator on the east-side of the Cayton building.