North Dakota State University

About the program

Students may apply for dining center meals to be added to their North Dakota State University (NDSU) student ID card.  Applications come through the Dean of Students Office and meals are distributed directly from there. Students can then use the meals at any of NDSU’s three dining centers simply by swiping their card at the front counter. (Note: There is a 50 meal cap on the number of meals provided per academic year.) This program is provided by the NDSU Food Insecurity Task Force. Direct donations to support the effort can be made to the NDSU Food Security Fund.  

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? Apply for meal swipes here or reach out to Casey Peterson at [email protected].


  • Meghan Yerhot, Doctoral Student
  • Carin Engler, Residence Life
  • Craig Stockwell, Professor of Biological Sciences

Year Founded


Program Roots

The NDSU Food Insecurity Task Force was established in 2019 and is made up of students, staff, and faculty members. The group has ties to NDSU's three senates, and worked together as a grassroots organization to raise funds and start this program. Swipe Out Hunger is the first of several steps planned to more fully address food insecurity at NDSU.

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