Montclair State University

About the program

Montclair State University students enrolled in a block meal plan will be able to designate up to two swipes per semester to the donation program. The University holds two drives to encourage students with meal blocks to donate. Currently, the drives are during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week during the Fall Semester and Earth Week During the Spring. Additionally, all students who have Flex or Red Hawk Dollars will continue to have the option to use their dollars to purchase โ€œPantry Packsโ€ of shelf-stable goods from the universityโ€™s retail stores. These purchases, in turn, will be provided to the campus food pantry, which specifically targets students in need.

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? Contact the Dean of Student Office, Student Center suite 400, phone: 973.655.4118. You can also check out information about the Red Hawk Pantry in our Campus Resources section below.


  • Carlos Costa, Director Auxiliary Services
  • Jim Robinson, Manager, Dining Services
  • Dora Lim, Chartwells Resident District Manager

Year Founded

Fall 2019

Program Roots

Since 2016 Montclair State University has been helping students with food insecurity issues. The meal donation program grew from those continuing efforts and planning for it started in Fall 2019. In addition, The Campus Hunger Task Force identified the program as one of its goals for academic year 2020.

Get involved

Students can donate up to two meal blocks per semester by signing up at the donation tables during the Swipe Out Hunger Drives.


  • Hours vary week to week and can be found here. Appointments can also be made if students are unable to come during scheduled times. 973.655.6959

  • 973.655.6959