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Nov 16, 2020 0 comments

A Week in the Life of a University of Minnesota Anti-Hunger Advocate: Part One

This is the first of a three-part series for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week 2020 written by University of Minnesota’s Swipe Out Hunger’s Co-President, Gigi Otten. Over the last few months, her and her incredible team of student advocates have galvanized on campus and beyond to create lasting change… Read More

Oct 20, 2020 0 comments

Congressional Hunger Center and Swipe Out Hunger Launch CollegeSNAPproject.Org

Website provides vital information for college students on essential federal nutrition program The Congressional Hunger Center and Swipe Out Hunger launched the College SNAP Project today to provide vital, state-by-state information to college students experiencing… Read More

Aug 21, 2020 0 comments

Join Our Student Advocacy Cohort, SLAM!

What Is SLAM?Swipe Out Hunger formed its very first advocacy student network known as SLAM: Student Leaders Advancing Movements. The SLAM network is a learning and networking group of students from across the country activating and advocating… Read More

Aug 20, 2020 0 comments

The Green Thumbs of Student Leaders: Reflections from our Virtual 2020 Swipe Student Summit

This blog was penned by National Programs Coordinator Alexa Aburto and Community Engagement Manager Emily Kass. β€œThe power is already yours. Don’t waste any more time understanding if you have it. The question is: how will you wield… Read More

Aug 19, 2020 0 comments

Back to School: How You Can Help College Students

Students are facing a school year like no other. College students are returning to classes during a time of great uncertainty and formidable barriers to success. Swipe Out Hunger has been a trusted partner to students for the last decade and is meeting this… Read More

Jul 30, 2020 0 comments

Coming Together to Respond to COVID-19

Over the last six months, we have been working hard to ensure student basic needs are protected and advocated for amidst so much uncertainty. We continue to be mission-focused, student-centric, and channeling innovation to meet the most imminent concerns. We have launched the following… Read More

Jul 13, 2020 0 comments

Students: We Heard You.

As universities begin to make their plans for what the 2020 – 2021 academic year looks like, there is one thing uniquely missing: student voices. As COVID-19 shifted what higher education looks like for every college student, we asked students to share their experiences… Read More

Jul 9, 2020 0 comments

Leveraging Peer Relationships: Our Student Navigator Network

As colleges and universities around the country began to close due to COVID-19, thousands of students suddenly found themselves in financial, academic, and personal crisis. The pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges that low-income students face. With the economic impacts growing exponentially, we need to… Read More

Jun 17, 2020 0 comments

Michelson Spark Grant Helps Swipe Out Hunger Get CARES Funds to Students

This article was originally published on Michelson 20MM’s website. Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic one in three college students regularly experienced food insecurity.Β The current public health and economic crises have… Read More

Jun 15, 2020 0 comments

Dear Swipe Student Leaders, From Swipe Graduates

As the 2020 academic year comes to a close, we asked some of our incredible Swipe Student Leaders to pass on words of wisdom to the current and future network of students. Here are their letters. Read More