Applications for Fall 2022 are now closed.

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The Nachman Justice Award honors Marissa Nachman’s leadership at Swipe Out Hunger and recognizes individual student leaders in the Swipe Out Hunger network who represent Marissa’s core values of justice, compassion, equity, accountability, and inclusivity. 

In 2021, its inaugural year, The Nachman Justice Award was presented to three deserving students for their leadership in advancing food security programs on their campuses. Meet our 2021 recipients to the right.

**This award is open to all college students currently attending a two-year or four-year university who are involved with a Swipe Out Hunger program on their campus. DACA students, BIPOC students, first-generation, student parents, formerly incarcerated students, veteran students, (former) foster youth, and LQBTQ+ members are especially encouraged to apply.**

“I specifically honed in on food security because I’m personally committed to and interested in it based on my personal experience and my family’s experience with programs that have helped us.”
Student at UCLA
“Leaders aren’t the person in the front, but instead you’re walking with them. And I think that that’s something that we need to pull out from the shadows, to say we’re doing this work because we genuinely care.”
Student at CSULB
“The award helped out because I was in this transition period. I had just gotten the opportunity to do this new research project, so it gave me a little bit extra time to not work and spend more time on that research.”
Student at UMN

Three students will receive $1,000 in recognition of their leadership on their campus and be highlighted across Swipe Out Hunger’s digital marketing.

Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates the ability to persevere in the face of challenges (personal, academic, financial, etc.) and inspire others to do the same
  • Values and exemplifies justice, compassion, accountability, and inclusivity; motivates other students
  • Commitment towards understanding and addressing student concerns and needs related to the issue of food insecurity
  • Is involved in Swipe Out Hunger (chapter president, member, volunteer, etc.) and other anti-hunger efforts on campus (level of involvement will not impact eligibility) 

Fall 2022 Process + Timeline

Application opens: September 13, 2022
Application closes: October 14, 2022
Recipients notified: November 8, 2022