When the Free Lunch Voucher Program was launched, there was no written agreement between university officials and the food vendors. There was just a handshake and an invoice! The original proposal made by student leadership to the campus food vendors is below:
1. Compose a list of food items that will be part of this Food Voucher Program.
2. Work with the staff nutritionist to ensure the meal plan meets the most current nutrition guidelines.
3. Maintain a record of food vouchers received for processing and auditing. 
4. Invoice the Food Voucher Program for number of redeemed vouchers at the end of each semester.
5. Provide a report to the DPAC-student services committee on the health of the Food Voucher Program at the beginning of each semester with regards to the program from last semester. 
In reality, the program is very simple from the vendor's side: Students turn in voucher, cashier signs, dates, and collects, at the end of the semester the vendor counts all vouchers and submits an invoice for $5 x # of invoices and turns in all used vouchers. The Associate Dean of student life re-counts them in her office to ensure accuracy. For additional information on the FLVR program and other food security initiatives on campus, see the flyer below.



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