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Swipes Chapter Facts

o  As of January 2018, we have 36 chapters with representation from 18 different states! 

o  To date Swipe Out Hunger chapters have served 1.4 million meals.                                                    

o  At most campuses there is a Swipe Out Hunger student organization with a chapter president that oversees all logistics with support from 8-25 students on its leadership team. Other Swipe Out Hunger programs are run exclusively by campus administrators. 

o  Between 200-1000 students from each campus choose to give at each one of our Swipes drives. 



   West Coast

    UCLA (est. 2009)

    USC (est. 2011)

    UC San Diego (est. 2012)

    UC Santa Barbara (est. 2012)

    UC Riverside (est. 2014)

    Pepperdine University (est. 2014)

    UC Davis (est. 2014) 

    Colorado State University (est. 2015) 

    UC Berkeley (est. 2016)

    UC Santa Cruz  (est. 2017)

    UC Merced  (est. 2017)

    University of the Pacific  (est. 2017)

    UC Irvine  (est. 2017)

    Fresno State  (est. 2017)


   East Coast

    University of Pennsylvania (est. 2014)

    University of Albany (est. 2014)

    Howard University (est. 2016) 

    University of New Hampshire  (est. 2017)

    Elon University  (est. 2017)

    University of Pittsburgh  (est. 2017)

    RISD  (est. 2017)

    American University  (est. 2017)

    Millersville University  (est. 2017)

    Rutgers Newark  (est. 2017)


   Midwest / South

    Northwestern (est. 2013)

    University of Central Arkansas (est. 2016) 

    College of Charleston  (est. 2016)   

    Washington University in St. Louis (est. 2017) 

    Carleton College (est. 2017)   

    Emory University (est. 2017)   

    Texas State San Marcos  (est. 2017)   

    University of Minnesota  (est. 2017)   

    West Virginia University  (est. 2017)   

    University of Southern Mississippi  (est. 2017)   


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