2015-2016 Kickoff Form

What is the status of your team? How often do you meet and what is your structure?

  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 18:06:13 -0700
    Q: Bonus Question: Do you have any other plans for your Swipe Out Hunger chapter this year? Campaigns? Fundraisers? Parties? We would love to hear what you have planned!
    A: We want to do a $4 challenge where we encourage the Penn community to spend what a person on SNAP spends in one day for food. We hope students will post about the challenge on social media!
  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 17:54:18 -0700
    Q: Logistically speaking: When are your tentative drive dates? How many meals are you hoping to donate? How many students are you hoping will give? Other goals?
    A: Jessie and I tried to schedule Swipes donation dates for next year but unfortunately Penn dining wasn’t ready to commit.
  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 17:52:40 -0700
    Q: What do you want to be the point person on? Is there a certain area of “Swipes Expertise” you’ve honed and would want to coach others through? (For example, something you feel you have been very successful at and would be willing to help other chapters with. Either from the chapter establishment process or from running your chapter)
    A: I think one of the reasons we were so successful was because we engaged a lot of freshman through social media. We would be happy to provide advice about engaging the student body!
  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 17:47:44 -0700
    Q: Throughout this year, how can we at Swipe Out Hunger Headquarters help you accomplish your goals? Dream Big.
    A: We really value the resources that Swipes HQ can provide us. We receive no funding from the university yet, so virtually all of the materials we created last year we had to pay for out of pocket (i.e. shirts, posters, stickers, website etc.). It would be really helpful if Swipes HQ could help cover any of these costs while we work on applying for funding (we understand that you can’t cover anything!), as well as provide us with other resources you might have.
  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 17:43:40 -0700
    Q: During last school year, 2014-2015, what was a program or new idea that went really well that you will continue to implement this year? And on the flip side, was there something that really didn’t work that you’re leaving behind?
    A: During our two donation days, we had a giant poster that we put stickers on to check off how many swipes were donated throughout the day. We thought it was a great way to keep the entire student body involved and we constantly published updates on social media.

    I think one of our biggest struggles was delegating work. We were lucky enough to recruit a fairly large board of passionate students. Even though there was tons of work to be done, we didn’t feel like every board member had work to do.
  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 17:37:39 -0700
    Q: Where will the Swipes you collect go?
    A: The funds are donated to Philabundance, the largest food bank in the Delaware Valley
  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 17:36:04 -0700
    Q: What is the status of your chapter's relationship with your University's dining services?
    A: We try to be in constant communication with Penn Dining. There is definitely tension because despite the wild success we saw during our pilot semester, Penn Dining keeps limiting the amount of donation opportunities for students. They say they have limited resources, and cannot provide more than one or two donation days a semester. Further, they cap the number of hours during the donation day, and only allow students to donate 2 meal swipes at a single cash register in a grocery store on campus.
  • Liza Lansing
    answered 2015-08-26 17:31:58 -0700
    Q: What is the status of your team? How often do you meet and what is your structure?
    A: Weekly board meetings

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