Ending Hunger, One Swipe at a Time

By Jared Fenton

On November 20th, between 10AM - 4PM, all Penn students with a meal plan will have the chance to donate up to 2 meal swipes to help feed the hungry in Philadelphia. This donation will take place in McClelland dining hall in the Quad, and is thanks to the great work of SWIPE Out Hunger (SWIPES).
SWIPES is a student organization at Penn dedicated to solving the crisis of food insecurity in Philadelphia, where 1 in 4 residents currently live on fewer than $4 per day for food. To put that in perspective, that means 25% of our neighbors have to sustain themselves every single day on less than the cost of a coffee and snack at a local café. 

Having heard this statistic late my Freshman year, when my friend Jessie Abrams told me she and her friend Liza Lansing were thinking about starting the SWIPES program at Penn, I instantly knew that I wanted to get involved. Since then, my experience with SWIPES has been all I could have hoped for. From the excitement last year of donating over $8,000 to Philabundance, a local Philadelphia charity dedicated to feeding those who are food insecure, to our new educational events this semester, I have had multiple opportunities to help change this statistic for the better.
So, if you would like to get involved in SWIPES as well, come to our donation day on November 20th in McClelland dining hall any time between 10AM and 4PM or email swipeouthunger@gmail.com for information on how to get involved with the Board.

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