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Swipe Out Hunger was established as a University of California, Los Angeles student organization by Bryan Pezeshki in the Fall of 2009 in order to help alleviate the susceptivity of the neighboring homeless population. As of Spring 2014, UCLA has donated over $200,000 and 70,000 pounds of fresh (recovered!) produce towards fighting hunger on and off campus. In the most recent Fall 2017 drive, the UCLA team collected 8,821 swipes that were converted into 8,821 meal vouchers for at-risk students on campus. 

Swipes' as we call ourselves for short, hopes not only to feed the homeless, but also to educate the students on campus about the homelessness and hunger problem in Los Angeles, and what they can do to help. Learn more about how you can get involved below!

Our Mission
We aim to tackle food insecurity and its stigma both within and outside our UCLA community. Through our various outreach programs, we serve UCLA students and food insecure individuals around West Los Angeles, while fostering the leadership skills of our passionate student team. 

How Swipes at UCLA Works

At the end of each quarter, Bruins can donate their unused meal swipes to our organization. We then repurpose what would have gone to waste into food items for the student food closet on campus, meal vouchers for food insecure students, prepared meals at local homeless shelters, and materials for our special events like "Sandwiches for Smiles." In addition to our quarterly Swipe Drive, we also fight food insecurity through weekly gleanings at local farmers' markets, where we collect unsold fresh produce to bring to various hunger-fighting agencies throughout Los Angeles. 

Get Involved


Swipe Out Hunger at UCLA is always looking for motivated Bruins to help. To get involved, check us out on facebook or email swipes@ucla.edu. 


 Swipe Out Hunger is co-sponsoring a bill that encourages colleges in California to establish programs which would address hunger on campus, chiefly Swipe Out Hunger! On April 24 the bill passed through the higher ed committee! Sign our petition to show your support for it to pass during the next round of votes!




Our Team

Eddie Munguia, Co-President, edditmunguia30@gmail.com  
Hannah Brenchley, Co-President, brenchleyh@gmail.com
Donna Heikali, Vice President, dheikali96@ucla.edu

Don’t forget! You can donate your leftover swipes during 10th week, every quarter.

Our Impact


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