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Fighting hunger at Santa Monica College

$126.00 raised
GOAL: $250.00
The Santa Monica College chapter of Swipe Out Hunger has just opened, and we are having our first sandwich drive to raise awareness of our program!

The money will be used to buy supplies and ingredients to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which will be donated to a local food drive when the day is up! Anything will help, and thank everyone who donates for your help!


About Swipe Out Hunger: 
Swipe Out Hunger has been recognized by The White House, Forbes, The Case Foundation, and other influencers as a benchmark for positive change on America's college campuses and an emerging leader in the non-profit field of hunger awareness and alleviation.

Where Funds Go Once Collected- 
Food insecure college students are our key demographic. We support students by working with their universities to identify and monitor students who struggle with hunger. Additionally, a number of our chapters support local non-profit organizations that focus on hunger.  

1. Meal Voucher Program: Donated meal swipes are converted into meal vouchers for students in need, which are thoughtfully distributed by a trusted campus administrative office that already works with this population, such as the financial aid office or resource center. A voucher grants a student access into campus dining centers, so the student can, just like everyone else, enjoy a warm meal. 

2. Campus Food Closet: Donated meal swipes are used to buy bulk produce or provide direct financial support to the campus pantry.

3. Local Community Partner: The Swipes team selects a local, off-campus food distribution program or shelter to serve as the beneficiary. Our students, with our support, often choose a local organization at which they can also volunteer.

Read more at http://www.swipehunger.org/

Food Security Programs at SMC: 

FLVR Program: Started by the Associated Students in the Fall of 2016, the Free Lunch VoucheR program recognizing that student success is intricately tied to having access to our most basic needs, provides hot meals to our most vulnerable students. Students can complete an application with the Office of Student Life where the Student Life Counselors verify eligibility and need. Once enrolled in the program, students are required to meet with a counselor three times a semester. At each visit, students receive five $5 vouchers to be used in any of our on-campus food vendors and also receive relevant timely counseling services. To apply, visit us in Cayton 202 and ask for an application at the front desk.

Galley Program: The Galley is a food closet program in collaboration with the Westside Foodbank; it provides four food closets to high need program areas around campus. The food is available for any student in need where they can gather a few grocery items or grab-and-go options to carry them through the week. The Galleys can be found in Black Collegians/Adelante, EOP&S, the Veterans' Resource Center, and Athletics. Program leaders and administrators monitor each of these areas and provide access to the closets. To access a closet, talk to a program leader in one of these areas.

Corsair Market: The Corsair Market is a free farmer's market that runs every Wednesday  during the fall and spring semesters. Student volunteers and staff members were trained, in partnership with Food Forward, to glean produce from the Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer's Market and bring the boxes of food to SMC for distribution. On average, we receive between eight and ten boxes of produce that student volunteers hand out to students. The Westside foodbank supplements these deliveries with other scrumptious fruits and vegetables when available. The Farmer’s Market is open to ALL STUDENTS and takes place in front of the Organic Learning Garden, Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00 during regular semesters.

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