Promoting Your Swipe Drive

A few ideas to get you inspired. Want to see how these have been done before? Email us!


  1. Create a Facebook page for your campus' Swipe Out Hunger program that serves as a timely reminder of when to donate. 
  2. Posters and flyers placed around the most popular places on campus, such as the main campus buildings, student center, TV screens around campus, and tri-folds at the tables in the dining halls and campus cafes.
    1. See a number of flyer ideas and inspiration below!  
    2. Make sure these make very clear what the program is and how to donate. 
  3. Ask RAs to announce the Swipe Drive at weekly dorm meetings and via email.
  4. Ask the leaders of likeminded student groups and student government to publicize the drive via mass emails and social media.
  5. Ask the campu newspaper, TV, radio, and other campus media to share a message about it. If they have in the past, tell them about a new goal or who you’re donating to this term. Offer to be interviewed!
  6. Ask professors if you can make an announcement in the first/last few minutes of class.
  7. Set up a fundraiser in a busy area of campus (i.e. selling cupcakes or boba) and as students approach to purchase, tell them about the Swipe drive/have a large banner. You’ll even walk away with some $$.
  8. ALWAYS push people to like your Facebook page. Instead of just promoting a single flyer or event, when they connect with you on Facebook they’ll know about future campaigns and events because of your consistent posts. You can also create Facebook ads targeted at a custom audience so the posts show up on feeds of your dream demographic and friends of people who’ve liked your page.
  9. Be a Swipe Ambassador. Post about it on your personal social media and change your profile picture. Our UCLA & Northwestern chapters do this type of engagement well. Have us introduce you.
  10. Get a white board and write a relevant, thought provoking question or statistic at the top. Ask people to fill in their response. Possible questions: “I Swipe because…”, “I care about ending hunger because…” Then snap photos of them and upload!




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