A college campus might look like a place of equal opportunity – however, arriving on campus is not where the college access conversation ends if students’ basic needs are not being met.

A student’s ability to focus in class, stay in school, and feel part of the campus community are threatened by food insecurity. While 1 in 3 college students faces food insecurity nationally, the stigma around being low-income and shut out from a communal space like the dining hall have kept the conversation out of mind for many college and dining administrators.

But we can do something about it and end student hunger! Will you join us?

Count me in for the Campaign to End Student Hunger

I believe that we can end college student hunger and provide every student in our country the basic needs they deserve. Together with Swipe Out Hunger and college students across the country, I pledge to take action, advocate, and contribute what I can so that no student has to fight food insecurity or hunger in order to better themselves or their community.

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