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This year 1 in 3 college students will go hungry. We are changing this reality. By joining the Swipe movement, campuses become part of a nationally recognized community that transforms student life on campus through increasing student food security.


  • On-Campus Solutions

    We help campuses launch programs to combat student hunger. Our flagship program, “The Swipe Drive, enables students with extra meal swipes or dining dollars to donate them to their peers. We serve as an expert in innovative and sustainable meal donation practices. We are excited and available to connect with any campus team looking to launch a swipe program, expand the reach of a pre-existing swipe program, or support in developing and sustaining anti-hunger programs on their campus.

  • Advocacy & Policy

    We help students become advocates for basic needs on their campus, as well as at the state and federal level. We offer advocacy trainings for student leaders, as well as targeted campaign opportunities.

  • Student Empowerment

    We train students on how to become leaders on campus through our programs and advocacy pathways. We also provide a platform for students with lived experience of food insecurity to share their stories with our larger community.

We work with campuses to develop programs that are:





Become a Swipe Out Hunger partner!