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We are thrilled to welcome you and your campus as one of our incredible partners.  We ask each university contact to fill out the form below. We look forward to working together to address college student hunger!

Swipe Out Hunger will provide campus partners with the following:  You receive rights to the “Swipe Out Hunger” trademark and brand, with the ability to use branding on marketing materials in manners consistent with the organization's mission. Swipe Out Hunger will draw on best practices from its network of partners to provide you with guidance and connect you with other campus leaders in the network for support. Swipe Out Hunger will provide coaching on needs that arise, including but not limited to administrative roadblocks, student outreach, funding and expansion. Swipe Out Hunger will create a page for your campus on the www.SwipeHunger.org website to post information regarding your food security programs in order to outreach to your campus community and beyond. Swipe Out Hunger will provide you merchandise (shirts, hats, stickers) and marketing materials to promote morale and campus presence. As an affiliate, we ask that you commit to sustaining innovative programs to eradicate campus hunger and inform Swipe Out Hunger about the impact of your programs (money raised / food served). We also ask that you do not impair the reputation, goodwill, distinctiveness, or validity of Swipe Out Hunger's intellectual property. Lastly, we ask that you understand that Swipe Out Hunger serves as a counseling body and shall not be held responsible or have any legal responsibility for the actions of leaders or any individuals associated with the program on your campus.

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