Meal Voucher Program

What is the Meal Voucher Program (MVP)?

Who can benefit from Meal Vouchers?

How is Swipe Out Hunger connected to the Meal Voucher Program?


 What is the Meal Voucher Program (MVP)?

When the extra meal swipes that students donate are used to purchase meal vouchers for students in need. These vouchers are then thoughtfully distributed by a trusted administrator on campus.

Wait– there are food insecure students? 

Food Insecure and Homeless students have become increasingly common on college campuses. Today, 1 in 7 college students skip meals because of money. In California, that number is 1 in 4 students. The MVP is one solution but we're advocating for more comprehensive approaches such as better structured financial aid and resource directories. 

How does it work...technically?

Schools with the Meal Voucher Program convert a certain number of the collected swipes into meal vouchers. A voucher grants a student access into campus Dining Halls/eateries so the student in-need can, just like everyone else, enjoy a warm meal. These are often distributed through a partnership with an office on campus that already works with needy students such as the financial aid office or resource center.


Who can benefit from Meal Vouchers?

Meal vouchers are distributed to students on campus identified as in-need. In order to identify these students, campus officials should first report to the on-campus food bank (if your campus has one) and then report to the University resource center.

  • Students that are food insecure may have connected with the counseling department or health services.
  • Otherwise, Swipe Out Hunger recommends sending out an anonymous survey to the student body to see if students report food insecurity.

*I’m wondering if we should say something about financial aid/scholarship here or if that is too political


How is Swipe Out Hunger connected to the Meal Voucher Program?

There are many factors related to the Meal Voucher Program, one being Swipe Out Hunger.


(Flow chart inserted here related to the below information)


  1. Swipe Out Hunger works with university students/officials to promote and spread awareness of the Swipe Out Hunger Program on campus. (image of school logo/swipe logo)

  2. Students donate their unused meal swipes (or a certain amount decided by the university if unlimited) (students or ID card image)

  3. Dining Services takes these meal swipes off of their account and adds up the total amount of meal swipes donated. (picture of a plate with fork and knife?)

  4. Each meal swipe (or a different conversion rate depending on the University’s decision) is transferred into a meal voucher (paper version or somehow online so students can use their ID Card) (picture of MV)

  5. Meal Vouchers are then distributed at the on-campus food bank, through the resource center, or other location on campus. (image of food bank/people passing things out)

  6. Students in-need/food insecure students enjoy a warm meal in the dining hall! (image of food)


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