Applications have now closed for the Spring 2022 session. Our Fall 2022 grant applications are now open.

As part of Swipe Out Hunger acquiring CUFBA, we established a $100,000 microgrant fund to support campus pantries across the country.  For each spring and fall semester beginning in 2022, any partnering campus can apply to receive microgrants to strengthen their pantry and ultimately feed more students. 

Check out which campuses were selected to receive a microgrant during our Spring 2022 cycle!

Grant funds will cover campus pantry costs including these recommended purchases: 
Food Bank: sourcing food from your local food bank for pennies on the pound 
Cold Storage: purchase a fridge for perishable items
– Software and Technology: buy or use state of the art that can optimize your pantry’s operations 
– Student/Volunteer Stipends: support those helping to make a difference on your campus 

Eligibility + Selection Process

In the spring and fall semesters, 17 campuses will be selected by lottery to receive $3,000 each. Campus pantries that meet the following criteria are eligible:
– Member of the Swipe Out Hunger campus network (you can sign up here). 
– Campus pantry is located within the United States, Canada or Mexico
– You either are or have the partnership of the food pantry on campus 
– You pledge to increase impact among students with this funding

**If you received a grant from Swipe Out Hunger in 2021, reapply in the fall semester. Be the first to know when the fall semester funding cycle starts by signing up for our newsletter here.**

Spring 2022 Process + Timeline

Application Opens: November 30, 2021
Application Closes: January 14, 2022
Recipients Notified: January 31, 2022
Fund Distributed By: February 28, 2022
Grant Period: February 1, 2022 – July 30, 2022
Reporting Requirements Due: August 31, 2022

Questions? Contact [email protected].

Reporting Requirements

If selected, you will be required to submit:
– Metrics: total number of students served during the grant period 
– Spending Report: how you used the funds during the grant period 
– Student Impact Stories: share how students were impacted by the funding
– Feedback: what was great and how we can strengthen the microgrant program
– Evaluation: invite students to participate in annual Swipe Out Hunger evaluation

Swipe Out Hunger assumes no liability for expenditures.