Alumni Mentors

Meet our Alumni Mentor cohort for the 2017-2018 school year!

Amani Alameddin


Amani graduated from UCSB in 2017 with a BA in Psychology. She served as the chapter Co-President for 2 years, where she managed a board of 20 student leaders, developed and oversaw local community partnerships, and promoted the Swipe Out Hunger donation form across campus on a weekly basis to ensure the 1,000 swipe cap was consistently reached each quarter.  In August of 2017 Amani started a full time position as an Executive Team leader in management at Target in Pasadena. Amani is excited to use her expertise in team building, relationship management, and delegating tasks to support the next generation of Swipes leaders.

Tiana Austel


Tiana graduated from UCLA in 2017 with a BA in Communication Studies with a Food Studies minor. She previously served as the Co-President of the UCLA chapter and the Spring Innovation Fellow for the Swipe Out Hunger Headquarters. Over the last few years Tiana has interned in the philanthropy department of the Wonderful Company and coordinated various volunteer initiatives and philanthropic initiatives surrounding food insecurity in the Central Valley and on campus at UCLA. She is currently living in San Diego, where she is interning in the CSR department at Illuminia. She looks forward to supporting an upcoming Swipes leader with innovative programming, relationship management, and retention.

Bryan Berger


Bryan graduated from Northwestern in 2016 with a BA in Manufacturing Design and Engineering. As Co-Founder and President of this chapter for two years, he worked to ensure smooth chartering and operation of the quarterly point drive on campus. He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he works as an engineer at 3M. He enjoys traveling when possible and volunteering at a non-profit called Open Arms. He is looking forward to sharing the recruitment and team building wisdom he has gained with his mentee.

Rustom Birdie


Rustom earned a BA in Economics and BS Human Biology & Society at UCLA in 2012. While at UCLA he helped found Swipe Out Hunger and served as the Director of Finance for the chapter for 3 years. He currently lives in San Francisco and works in the Travel division at Affirm. A  Karachi native, Rustom is an avid traveler, having previously worked at Virgin America and played a crucial role in Swipes’ founding. Rustom will leverage this on the ground experience to support students to build strong student teams.

Matt Faden


Matt is currently finishing up his studies in Communication and Business and working in two research labs at Northwestern University, where he will graduate in December of 2017. He served as Co-President of Points for a Purpose, where he honed his skills in team building and relationship management with campus administration. His favorite leadership values include integrity, self-discipline and determination, emotional intelligence, ability to self-reflect, and humility.  He is a Philadelphia native who loves to play basketball, watch movies, and listen to stories. 

Daniel Farahdel


Daniel graduated from UCSD in 2013 with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Business. He co-founded UCSD’s Swipe Out Hunger chapter in 2012. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he runs a men’s sock line called THREADJAR, which provides a meal to a person in need with every purchase. He is also working to start a career in music/ artist development. In his free time he enjoys going to the gym, listening to new musical artists, particularly Drake whom he has a strong resemblance of, and hanging with friends. He plans to share his experience in relationship management and motivate his mentee to keep going and not give up.


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