Pass the Massachusetts Hunger Free Campus Act

Dear [title] [last name], 

A 2019 survey by the Hope Center For Justice showed that 37% of Massachusetts public college students are food insecure. The rates are even higher for student parents (53%), Black students (52%), Latinx students (47%), and LBGTQ+ students (46%). These numbers and experiences have likely only grown since the pandemic has wreaked economic havoc on Massachusetts families and students. As we create an economic recovery plan for all of the Commonwealth, it needs to include basic needs resources for students so that they can graduate and thrive.

As a state that prides itself on being a higher education leader, it’s on all of us to make sure that students don’t go hungry. One way that you can help us end hunger on our state’s campuses is by passing the Hunger Free Campus bill, introduced by Sen. Harriette Chandler as S.822 and Rep. Andy Vargas and Rep. Mindy Domb as H. 1368, this legislative session. 

Similar legislation has been successful in California and has recently passed in New Jersey and Maryland to help reduce food insecurity rates on campuses and create systemic changes in order to provide students with the basic resources that they need to succeed.

We ask that you show your constituents and colleagues that you support our most underresourced students. By passing the Hunger Free Campus bill this session, we will provide a path for the future leaders of our state to grow, learn, and thrive without having to choose between food and their degree.

Thank you for your time and attention.