March 16, 2015
Contact: Rachel Sumekh

New Name, Same Swipes


Dear Swipes Community,

Since our founding in 2010, our organization has stood for empowering students to take a lead in the fight against hunger. From a small group of idealistic and entrepreneurial friends at UCLA, we’ve grown to a national network of 13 universities swiping out hunger around the country. Our continuous growth and impact would not have been possible without the support of our incredible students, community members, generous donors and partner universities.


As we continue to strengthen our founding program, allowing university students to donate their excess meal points, we are also doing something that seems a bit radical, but is actually a step toward remaining true to our origin— we are changing our name to Swipe Out Hunger. This change is coming from a desire to operate closer to our core values of empowering students into action, ending hunger and having the Swipes brand better inform our actions in the world. 


As young people, we want not just to serve but to put an end to hunger. This change signals a shift in our focus to support avenues that are immediately providing food in conjunction with programs that work to end hunger long term. 


Our current chapters may retain our founding name and we’re giving them the space to make that choice. Because our students have an entrepreneurial spirit, they’ve taken on names they believe would lead their chapter to success. 


We are excited to share this long awaited announcement with you, our Swipes family. Please take a moment to read more at As Swipes for the Homeless, we handed out our first sandwich, we were recognized at the White House and we grew to the national program we are today. With your support, we aspire to live up to our fitting new name and as we have for past five years continue to Swipe Out Hunger.



Rachel Sumekh


Co-Founder and Executive Director 

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