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Follow These Steps To Develop A Swipe Out Hunger Chapter:

1. On our call, share with us: your understanding of your school’s dining company and meal plan options, potential students or faculty who could advocate for the program, and other university programs focused on ending hunger. We can start to envision the ideal way for the program to operate at your school and identify next steps.


*Some questions to think about in advance: which meal plan would most accommodate the program? How should meals or points be collected? When is the ideal time to host a drive? Should the funds be donated to a campus food closet, meal voucher program, garden, or local nonprofit? It can be very compelling to present the possibility of supporting an established food distribution program or student group that already does related volunteer work.

*Review case studies of different Swipe Out Hunger programs. 


2. After the call follow up on next steps, which may include conducting more research, gathering support from student government, professors, and administrators who can endorse the program, building a team of student volunteers and assigning roles. 


3. Draft a program proposal intended for Dining Services.

*Review the pitch guidance document, which includes incentives for universities to partner with Swipe Out Hunger and common concerns they express. In your pitch, incorporate these incentives and try to address challenges they might face when implementing the program.

*Draft your proposal using this template as a guide. 


4. Send us your proposal to sharpen it up.


5. Schedule a meeting with the Dining Director and pitch your proposal!

*Don’t take it personally if your university pushes back on the program. Propose solutions to their concerns and take note of specific points of challenge that prevent them from moving forward. Say you’ll collaborate with your team and come back with a solution.

*Before leaving the meeting, establish the next time you will communicate to give an update, and thank them for their time.

*Continue to work together with the Swipe Out Hunger Headquarters and Dining Services to develop a mutually beneficial program.

*After it is approved send a thank you note to meeting attendees and notify us to receive next steps! 


Sample Timeline For Establishing A Swipe Out Hunger Chapter:



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