IMG_5124.JPGOur CEO Rachel was interviewed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 podcast. From how we help students to networking advice, give the episode a listen. 

link to podcast episode (for mobile):

MP3 + Forbes article:




1-1:10 advertisement 

1:10 wonky policy stuff + on who on campus is hungry, the stigma and who we help. 

3:00 story on woman we helped + ROI of our program 

4:15 how Swipe Out Hunger decides who to give meals to 

5:23 How we got started 

5:43 shoutout to the valley #818all day

6:40 ode to Bryan Pezeshki / one of the biggest inflection points of my life 

8:20 ucla dining director revels shallow reason why he didn’t want Swipes 

11:21 the brilliant words Obama told us 

13:16 why/how I took over Swipes

14:20 my critique of #basic “social enterprises” & why we shifted our focus to primarily college student hunger

15:50 why I moved to Chicago / what I did there 

17:20 dealing with people who doubt you

21:28 My theory on networking “LA is a relationship economy. Doesn’t matter where you work, matters who you know and what they think about you. Bring value” 

22:21 “meditating is base level at this point guys. Be self aware and walk into the room and know what your value is” 

22:50 Being a nice, people pleasing Persian Jewish girl and CEO

24:10 how being a woman helps me in meetings

24: 24 how much I have to grind and overcompensate because I’m constantly undermined for being a woman

25:30 being an asshole isn’t a leadership trait –– collaborative

26:15 how we’ve scaled – 30 universities, recommend Starfish and the Spider, Ori Brafman

27:14 getting a call from CA Assembly woman about writing a law (which passed today). 


32:47 my trick to pitching (breathe work meditation)

34:00 Tim Ferriss Gospel about writing to-do lists 

35:00 we get 4-5 emails a month from people who want to start a chapter 

36:10 how ephemeral joy is for me 

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