Fall 2016 Case Studies

Welcome! What exactly does it look like to execute on a Swipe Out Hunger program? Below are a few examples. 

To learn how these models were built and the key considerations, email our community manager Marissa to set up a call marissa@swipehunger.org 



University and

Catering Structure

Cap and Conversion Rate

Program Details

Impact in Fall 2016



est. 2009 

In-House Catering

No Cap

Conversion Rate

A swipe, which costs students $11.50, is worth a meal voucher or $2.50 of dry goods.

All funds stay on campus. 1/3 goes to student meal vouchers, 1/3 goes to ordering food for the food closet, and 1/3 goes to materials for students to set up tables, make sandwiches, and hand them out downtown.

$153,594 was raised through 13,356 swipes.


UC Santa Barbara

est. 2013


In-House Catering

Cap of 1,000 swipes per quarter.

Conversion Rate

A swipe is worth $2.30.

Out of the 1,000 donated swipes each quarter, 800 fund student meal vouchers and 200 fund dry goods for local homeless shelters.

$10,070 was raised through 1,000 swipes.


UC Davis

est. 2014


In-House Catering

No Cap

No Conversion Rate

The donated swipes are split between the ASUCD Food Pantry, the Aggie Meal Share Program which provides meals for students in need, and YOLO Food Bank.

$11,235 was raised through 3745 swipes.


UC Riverside

est. 2014


In-House Catering

Cap of 2,000 swipes per quarter 

Conversion Rate

A swipe is worth $2.50.

A drive is held each quarter. Funds are split between the campus pantry, the campus “R-garden” which donates its produce to the campus pantry, and a local non-profit off campus.

$4,850 was raised through 1,940 swipes.


Northwestern University

est. 2013


Sodexo Catering

Cap of 2,000 points per semester

No Conversion Rate

A drive is held each quarter. Funds are donated through Sodexo's community impact fund the Purple Pantry on campus and other local efforts.

$2,000 was raised.


University of Southern California

est. 2012


In-House Catering

Cap of 20,000 dollars per semester

No Conversion Rate

Two drives are held each year. Students donate dollars and the school writes a check to local programs.

$20,000 was raised.


University of Pennsylvania

est. 2014


Bon Appetite Catering

Cap of $8,000 per year.

Conversion Rate

1 meal is worth $0.50.

Two drives are held each year. Students donate swipes at the campus store and school split the funds between meals for students who stay on campus during holiday breaks, and a check to a community food bank. 

$4,768 was raised through 968 swipes.


University of Central Arkansas

est. 2016



No cap

No Conversion Rate

Aramark sponsors a monthly free meal for 50 members of the UCA student body and staff. The meal is served by staff members of the campus food pantry, Bear Essentials. 

200 meals were served.


University of New Hampshire

est. 2016


In-House Catering

No cap

No Conversion Rate


Students can donate up to 15 swipes per semester on an ongoing basis. Students in need of assistance can request for funds to be loaded onto their accounts so they can eat in the dining halls.



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