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Swipe Out Hunger and Eastern Washington University established a partnership in the January of 2018 with a mission of tackling food insecurity on campus and in the community.

The campus hosted its first meal swipe drive back in 2014 and since then, over $4,000 has been raised to support local food security initiatives. During the upcoming fall 2018 Hunger Heroes drive, students can donate up to $25 worth of a la carte points which will be used to fund pre-loaded dining services gift cards housed in the Dean of Students Office for students facing food insecurity. 

The program is currently being led by Arick Erechar in the Office of Community Engagement, Natalie Stine in Dining Services, the Dean of Students Office, and the Food Pantry Advisory Board. Arick and Natalie look forward to the winter 2019 campaign and aim to grow the presence of the program and student participation!

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