Community Manager

NOTE: We are no longer taking applications for this position. Thank you for your interest. 


The rundown: The Community Manager will work with Swipe Out Hunger's university partners to help grow and sustain each local program. Also, you'll be Swipes' #2! Hello leadership. The position will include working primarily with student leaders, administrators and community partners.  

You will be working along side the respected and visionary leader, Rachel Sumekh. Learn about Rachel here

Swipe Out Hunger has been recognized by the White House, New York Times and other influencers. Please read about us here.

To land this job, you should be….

  • Mindful: You give the person you're speaking to your full attention and believe being reflective is important. 
  • Enthusiastic: You get excited thinking about how the one person you’re speaking to could lead to thousands of individuals receiving meals. That enthusiasm motivates you. 
  • Patient: College students have busy work loads. The candidate should be willing to pick up the conversation even months down the line. 
  • Curious: You like helping people solve problems by asking follow up questions or presenting another solution. 
  • Desire for project ownership: We’re a small team, so effort matters. The candidate has the ability to take any project to the stars. The candidate should not be satisfied with just satisfactory work.
  • It would be nice if you were an active student leader while in university. 

There's big room for growth here–– if you're strategy minded, let us know in your application. 


This is about 70% of the Job:

Manage organizations relationship with current chapters (20 schools) 

  • Monthly phone calls with students 
  • Collect data from universities each quarter
  • Provide ad hoc support to students 

Help develop new chapters (goal: 20 new schools by end of Spring 2017)

  • recruit new university partners at target schools
  • train new universities on how to establish a Swipes program
  • Onboard universities  

30% of the job –– Your Superpower 

Fundraising / Marketing + Design / Campaigns  

There are three areas in which Swipe out Hunger could grow considerably with your skills. We're not asking that you can fulfill a laundry list of needs (although that would be cool), we're looking for someone who's really awesome in at least one vertical so that we can harness that strength to fundamentally improve the organization. This will require self-direction, creativity, and outside-the-box thinking. Which one of these resonates most with you?

Fundraising: Develop relationships with individual, foundational and corporate donors.  Marketing/Design: Keep our website attractive. Your eye for design will keep messages and materials our office sends out top notch.  Campaigns: You see the finish line. That piece of policy or movement building or action that could make a huge difference against hunger. 

Do one of these categories excite you? Great, us too.


Start date: By September 9th. Will come on board as an independent contractor and arrangement will be reviewed after three months. 

Includes full membership to the Impact Hub Los Angeles.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience.

The position is full time and based in sunny Downtown Los Angeles., California 


To apply: 

NOTE: We are no longer taking applications for this position. Thank you for your interest. 

1. Send an email to with "Your name + Community Manager" in the subject line. So, "Jonathan, Community Manager" 

2. Include your resume or CV. 

3. [optional] Include a 100-350 word answer to one of the following questions: 

  • What was a time you were working on a project (or anything) and impressed yourself?
  • What makes you a wonderful person? 

Please note: Not all candidates will receive interviews. Upon invitation of interview we will ask for two references, at least one of which should be a former employer/manager. 

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