2017-18 Chapters

This year, we're asking our chapter leaders to sign the following chapter renewal form, which outlines what we're able to provide and what we're asking for your help with throughout the year. After reading the form let us know that you're in by signing below!


  1. Guidance: We’ll tap into our epic network and share  best practices to provide coaching during monthly check-in calls tailored to your goals  and challenges.
  2. Resources + Connections: You'll get access to the CREW portal where you can download materials to support your programming, and directly connect with students from across our network who are working on programs to address hunger.
  3. Marketing: We’ll highlight your successes via your chapter page and send you Swipe swag to build the buzz on campus. If you are low on hats or stickers, email Marissa with the best address! 


  1. Data & Reporting: At least twice a year, tell us about the impact you've made! You'll do this via the end of term form that we'll send you. In addition to the form send us photos, updates, and challenges you face throughout the year so we can offer support. 
  2. Fundraising: When we grow, the movement grows. Starting this year we're asking each chapter to set a goal of raising $200 throughout the year to help our national movement grow. The funds raised will go directly towards starting new chapters and thus, more meals served. Each dollar donated to Swipes HQ last year led to a great return of $7 in food. We've set up personal fundraising pages for each of our chapters below and will provide additional support to reach the goal, whether through campus event ideas or drafting a message to share with your friends and family.

Each chapter fundraising page can be found here! UCLA, USC, UCSD, UCSB, UCR, Pepperdine, CSU, Berkeley, U Penn, Howard, Carleton, Wash U, Northwestern, American, Pittsburgh, Elon     



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