What is Swipe Out Hunger?

  • Swipe Out Hunger is a network of independently run chapters that host drives on college campuses to collect students' unused meal points and feed their peers and the local community.

What is Expected of a Chapter Leader?

  • To launch a chapter you will need to conduct research, build a supportive network of students and staff on campus, craft a proposal outlining the logistics to implement the program, and present it to dining services (as many times as needed) until it is approved.
  • After it is approved you will organize drives to collect meal points and engage the campus community in fulfilling our mission of alleviating hunger.
  • You will build capacity to sustain the initiative after you graduate. 

What are the Perks of Being a Chapter?

  • You will join a movement that Universities throughout the country are engaged in and that the Obama White House called “Champions of Change.”
  • You will gain real-world leadership experience and professional skills.
  • You will be invited to student conferences and regional gatherings where you can network.

What is the Role of Swipe Out Hunger’s National Office (HQ)?

  • We provide various forms of support depending on each campuses needs, including leadership, team building, research, program development, and marketing guidance. 
  • We provide ongoing coaching to address challenges that arise.
  • We can connect different chapters to each other to facilitate peer learning.

What are Examples of How Swipe Out Hunger Chapters Have Made a Difference On Campus? 

  • Advocated for the school to launch a campus food closet
  • Advocated for the school to start a meal voucher program for students who are food insecure
  • Advocated for the school to start a campus farm and donate crops
  • Organized quarterly trips to a soup kitchen
  • Made and handed out sandwiches
  • Organizde a 5K Walk to raise funds and awareness
  • Planned Events for Hunger/Homelessness Week
  • Launched Social Media and Fundraising Campaigns
  • Partnered with local restaurants and host bake sales to raise funds

Interested in Starting a Chapter? 

  • Spend 5-8 minutes filling out this interest form and we will send you an email to schedule a phone call!

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