Case Studies

Take the lessons learned from your conversations with key players on campus to create an ideal Swipe Out Hunger model for your campus.

  • Which currencies are eligible to be donated—swipes? guest meals? dining points?
  • How are swipes collected—cashier registers, paper lists, or online?
  • How many meals do you project collecting in the first quarter? Is there a cap or conversion rate?
  • What will the meals be converted into—meal credits, funds for a campus pantry, food to be donated to a pantry?
  • When is the best time to host your swipe drive?
  • Who is the target donor demographic? How will you market to them?
  • How will you outreach to food insecure students? How will they know this resource is available and how will they use it?

We have a whole range of case studies, so don’t get discouraged or feel that your campus’ factors are not suited for this type of program. There is a need on every college campus, so working with your unique circumstances is vital in meeting that need.


Here are the results of our most recent swipe drive to give you a scope of the landscape:


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