University of Texas at San Antonio

About the program

During the month of February, UTSA Dining Services hosts a Swipe Drive to support students facing food insecurity. Students on a meal plan can choose to donate up to two of their “swipes” towards the Meal Share Program in the Roadrunner Pantry. UTSA Dining Services Aramark matches the cost of all donations which further helps students in need. During the drive, students can donate swipes using the GET app on campus.

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? Students can apply to receive meals from this program each semester on the UTSA Roadrunner Pantry website here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact UTSA Roadrunner Pantry supervisor: Nikki Lee at [email protected]. Check out our Campus Resources section for more information on the Roadrunner Pantry!


  • Students: Natalie Malluru, Yohannes Akiel, Riti Srivastava
  • Campus Services: Kevin Price, Clay Haverland, Lee Myers, Adrian Villanova, Hilary Klingman, Aramark;
  • Roadrunner Pantry: Herb Ganey, Nikki Lee

Year Founded


Program Roots

The UTSA Student Union opened the Roadrunner Food Pantry on the Main Campus in March 2017 and at the Downtown Campus in February 2020. To help support the mission of feeding student success, Aramark, our UTSA Dining Services will host the first Swipe Drive during the month of February 2021. They continue to be very strong supporters of the Roadrunner Pantry. Many students throughout the years have supporting this initiative, and we are ecstatic to be able to roll out this Swipe Drive with so many students and staff serving our students.

Get involved

In our inaugural year, we will host a Swipe Drive in February and October 2021. You can also get involved by participating in a campus food drive in your organization or office. Email us at [email protected] for more information.


  • Main Campus – Student Union 1.04.06

  • Open Monday-Friday, Noon-4pm

  • 210.458.EATS (3287)