University of North Alabama

About the program

Throughout each semester, University of North Alabama has allocated 500 meal swipes to students experiencing food insecurity on campus. Meal passes are then distributed through the case manager’s office after an appointment. Following approval, the meals are then uploaded to the student’s Mane Card.

Are you experiencing food insecurity? Contact the University Case Manager, Ms. Holly Underwood, at [email protected] or 256.765.4531. Check out our Campus Resources section below for information on the food pantry.


  • Bethany Green
  • Holly Underwood

Year Founded


Program Roots

In 2019, UNA joined the first Alabama Campus Coalition for Basic Needs with nine other institutions in the state. The first primary focus is addressing hunger on our campuses and Bethany and Holly are the UNA representatives on the coalition. From there, the idea to be able to distribute meal swipes to students in need came about and the administration has been working to guarantee that they have necessary resources in place to do so.

Get involved


  • There are three pantries available: the Student Engagement Center at Guillot University Center, Suite 163; Rice Hall; and Collier Library,

  • Hours vary by pantry locations and can be found here. 

  • 256.765.4248