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About the program

Otis College established their Feed-A-Need Food Assistance Program in Fall 2017 in order to address food insecurity across their campus. Students who apply for the Feed-A-Need program must answer a few questions using an online form, and meet with the Dean of Student Affairs in order to address any other issues the student may be struggling with related to financial insecurity. While Feed-A-Need is a supportive program, it is only a temporary “fix.” Students are advised in a holistic manner in order to best support the overall student’s success. Students can apply to receive either 10 or 14 meals a semester, and can only apply once a semester. The online form can be found here.

In Spring 2019, Otis College established its first-ever Food Pantry through a generous donor’s support and the leadership of its Students’ Union (student government). The Food Pantry is an open access model, and students who are enrolled have the ability to use their ID Card to access the Food Pantry at any time for any reason, no questions asked. This is open to any student, with no application requirement. Otis College solicits donations every semester from faculty, staff, students and community members throughout the academic year.

Since Fall 2017, Otis College issued approximately 840 meals to date!

Are you a student facing food insecurity on campus? You can apply here for Feed-A-Need or visit the Food Pantry on campus at any time. Check out our Campus Resources section for how to contact the Office of Student Affairs for immediate food assistance.


  • Feed-A-Need: Dr. Laura Kiralla, Vice President of Campus Life & Dr. Nick Negrete, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Food Pantry: Students’ Union and Trustee Member

Year Founded

Feed-A-Need: Fall 2017; Food Pantry: Spring 2019

Program Roots

Feed-A-Need began in the Fall 2017 through conversations with the Vice President of Campus Life, Dean of Student Affairs, and administrators at Cal State Long Beach who had established a model program we wanted to mimic. These conversations expanded to collaborative efforts between Otis College’s Dining Program and vendor, Bon Appetit, Vice President of Operations and Information Technology, and staff that would support the day to day operations to make this program successful. This was all done in the spirit of student retention and persistence. Hunger should not get in the way of our students achieving their greatest passions, and the College is committed to ending food insecurity. Several years after this program, Otis College’s Food Pantry was established to further support our efforts to address our students’ basic needs.

Get involved

Want to get involved? Contact the Director of Student Activities, Erica Javidzad to learn more about our Food Pantry Committee by emailing her at [email protected].


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