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About the program

Meal swipes are allocated based on need demonstrated in the meal assistance application on Financial Aid’s webpage. Financial Aid determines which applicants are eligible for meal swipes and how many meal swipes applicants are eligible for. Financial Aid only uses the application to determine how many swipes will be allocated to reduce the stigma of having to meet with a Financial Aid officer. Additionally, financial records are not considered in the allocation process. Once Financial Aid decides on the number of swipes to be given to a student, the swipes are automatically added to the student’s account and student ID so that the student can swipe into the dining hall like any other student.

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? An application for meal assistance is available on the Financial Aid webpage. The application can be filled out by the student or by a faculty member on behalf of a student. The application only asks questions about the student’s needs and it gives the applicant the ability to describe the student’s situation without having to consult with a Financial Aid Officer.


  • Kendyl Lewis
  • Julian Lopez
  • Ava Leone
  • Aidan Troha
  • Cassie Gray
  • Rachel Jeneff
  • Abby Johnson

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Get involved

Students can join the student organization, Swipe Out Hunger GC, to help with awareness campaigns, fundraisers, and member meetings. Any GC student can email [email protected] to find out more about our chapter and how to get involved.