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About the program

During the first few weeks of the school year, an email is sent to all meal plan A and K students with a link they can use to donate a guest swipe to support students facing food insecurity. The Office of Student Success then redistributes swipes to students facing food insecurity. In addition, at the end of each school year, students can donate their leftover “Dooley Dollars” to the annual Dooley Dollar Drive, at Cox Hall, White Hall, Peet’s, the SAAC Cafe, or any Swipe Out Hunger Table. These Donated Dooley Dollars also provide support for students struggling with food insecurity on campus.

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? Students can request meals by filling out this application. Check out our Campus Resources section below for more information on the Bread Coffeehouse pantry on campus.


  • Ben Rosenn
  • Cole Cahill
  • Jaylan Jacobs

Year Founded

Fall 2017

Program Roots

In 2017 Emory launched a meal donation program with a mission of tackling food security on campus and empowering students to make a difference. The program operates in strong partnership with the Office of Student Success Programs and Services and Bon Appetit Dining.

Get involved

For more information on how you can get involved with the student movement to swipe out hunger at Emory, email Sophia at [email protected] .


  • 1227 Clifton Road Atlanta, GA 30307

  • Mon-Tues: 10am-10pm Wed: 10am-5pm Thurs: 12pm-12am Fri-Sun: closed

  • http://success.emory.edu/resources/food.html