Denison University

About the program

Starting Spring 2021, students will be able to donate meals by completing an online donation form. Denison University’s dining committee, made up of students, will host Swipe Drives on the first of each month, for a total of three each semester. From there, students facing food insecurity can complete an online application to apply to the program for the current semester. Once they are approved by a Denison staff member, they are in the program for the remainder of the semester. Only the student ID number is shared with Bon Appetit so that they can transfer the swipes from the pool to each student.

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? Students can contact the Financial Wellness Office by phone, email, or in person or Bon Appetit.  There is also a standalone site for the program, Big Red Promise, with contact info, applications, and additional information.  All this can be found on, the university’s internal website.


  • Denison Financial Wellness Office
  • Bon Appetit

Year Founded


Program Roots

The Financial Wellness Office who works directly with students and through those student conversations and management of our current emergency fund began documenting the needs of our students. The university responded immediately how best to address food insecurity within our student population and Bon Appetit quickly joined in to help provide support.

Get involved

Denison has a student led and run dining committee. Students can speak with Bon Appetit on campus or visit The Big Red Promise page (accessible through the university's internal website, to find contact information for that group as well as other ways they can get involved whether their time or meal swipe donation.