Baldwin Wallace University

About the program

At the beginning of the semester and at the middle or end of semester, the Swipe Out Hunger at Baldwin Wallace team will send out this form asking students if they wish to donate their guest meal swipes. The amount students may donate is dependent on their meal plan (Prime Plan holders can donate a maximum of 4 guest swipes allowed; Choice Plan holders can donate a maximum of 3 guest swipes ; Basic Plan holders can donate a maximum of 1 guest swipe). Additionally, a button will be added to the dining hall registers, so when students check out, they can donate a swipe upon check out at any point in the semester. After students in need complete the online form or push the button at the register, the form will be sent to the David and Francis Brain Center for Community Engagement and campus access services, where the meal swipes will be removed from the student’s account and placed in a swipe bank. The meal swipes will then be added to a student in need’s Jacket Express card.

Are you experiencing food insecurity on campus? Students who need additional swipes can fill out this form. You can also reach out to David and Francis Brain Center for Community Engagement ([email protected]).  


  • Erin Neff

Year Founded


Program Roots

Erin Neff started learning about food insecurity during her undergraduate degree. She worked with kids in the Cleveland, OH school districts and ended up going on an Alternative Break Trip focused on food insecurity. After a few conversations, research, and planning, she found Swipe Out Hunger and tried to see how it could fit at BW. With the guidance of the David and Francis Brain Center staff and support of Dining Services, as well as her fellowship, Erin developed this program.

Get involved

Email Erin Neff at [email protected], follow us on Instagram here, and help us get the word out about this resource!