Swipe Out Hunger Agreement


We are thrilled to welcome you and your campus as one of our incredible partners. We ask each university contact to sign below to acknowledge what we at Swipe Out Hunger pledge to you and what we hope for from you. We look forward to working together to address college student hunger.

Swipe Out Hunger will provide:

  • Marketing - We’ll highlight your program externally through the ongoing press inquiries we receive, create a website to promote your efforts across our national network, send T-shirts, stickers, and digital marketing materials for your on-the-ground efforts, and provide you with the rights to the Swipe Out Hunger trademark and brand, with permission to use branding in manners consistent with the organization’s mission. 
  • Education - We’ll help you become a basic needs champion on your campus and provide resources and guidance for hosting awareness campaigns. 
  • Coaching - We’ll share all of our best practices and tools to make your program as effective as possible. You’ll have access to our online community hub for guidance, support, and connections to a community of change-makers like you. 
  • Leadership Opportunities - We host national convenings to bring Swipe Out Hunger leaders from different regions together to strengthen your voice on higher education basic needs.
  • Evaluation - We invite campus partners to participate in our national annual survey that measures the impact of Swipe Out Hunger meals (see 2017-2018 Impact Report) and offer customized campus reports with in-depth analysis and program recommendations to track your year-to-year progress.

Campuses will provide:

  • A Point Person (i.e. you!) - We’ll reach out a few times each year to hear updates on the status of your program and provide tailored resources to help your program with its unique needs. 
  • Information - As an affiliate, we ask that you share the impact of your programs with Swipe Out Hunger, such as number of donated meals and students engaged each term. 
  • Professionalism  - We ask you to not impair the reputation, goodwill, distinctiveness, or validity of Swipe Out Hunger's intellectual property. In addition, we ask that you understand that Swipe Out Hunger serves as a counseling body and shall not be held responsible or have any legal responsibility for the actions of leaders or any individuals associated with the program on your campus.

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