AB 453

Swipe Out Hunger + AB 453 

Post-Secondary Education: Student Hunger 

Who we are:

Swipe Out Hunger is  a national non-profit that allows college students to donate leftover meal points to their food insecure peers. 

What Assembly Bill 453 is:

The bill encourages universities and colleges in California to establish programs which would address hunger on campus. These programs include meal point donation programs, food closets and designated staff to assist students in enrolling for CalFresh. Universities are offered funding as an incentive. Official bill text here

How we got here….

Monique Limón was a professor at UC Santa Barbara where she saw many students fall behind in class simply because they hadn’t eaten that day. In November 2016, Professor Limón became Assemblywoman Limón and reached out to us asking how we could work together to bring meals to other in-need students across California, after seeing how Swipe Out Hunger’s meal vouchers and the campus food closet provided many of her students meals that kept them in class.

 To guarantee the effective implementation of the bill, we need a groundswell of public support. Public support will both ensure the bill passes and universities feel pressured to enact it.  

Why we we want AB 453 to pass: 

  • 1 in 3 California college students are food insecure.
  • If passed, AB 453 will lead to tens of thousands of meals in its first year, and grow from there. This is directly in line with our mission.  

Key Dates:

April 25: Rachel testifies to Higher Ed Committee.

April 29th: Rachel does a Keynote Hunger Summit in LA and announces campaign.

May: Assembly hears the bill. If passes with no amendments…

By June 30: CA Senate votes on the bill which would ratify it. 

Event celebrating passing of the bill. 



1. SIGN and share our petition: www.swipehunger.org/SNAPandSwipe 

2. DONATE to our match campaign! Here's why:  

  1. When the bill passes, nothing will automatically change. It is our job to actually approach universities, alert them about the law and support them in establishing these programs to receive the funding incentive. 
  2. We don’t yet have the capacity to do this effectively. Raising $75K will allow us to reach out to over 100 California schools that are eligible for this incentive, and launch at least 20 new chapters by the end of this year. 
  3. Additionally, we’re solving a critical problem and creating massive impact. Each $1 donated leads to at least $7 in healthy food to a student. People have an incredible opportunity to impact lives by supporting us.


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