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When: National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week (Nov 10-18, 2018)

What: @overlookedoncampus, inspired by the @overheard Instagram series, will bring attention to the more silenced experiences. Experiences of students that you don’t get to hear as often because of the shame associated around seeking help. How do we slowly expose people to these issues, while still acknowledging that it’s a hard thing to talk about?

Our Swipes team decided to focus on reducing stigma around student hunger. We took inspiration from the Instagram series: @overheard. This feed is filled with quirky, funny, and relatable snippets of conversation that have been overheard in a certain area. Our Swipes team, while recognizing the humor of the brand, realized that this platform could also be used to raise awareness for certain issues or bring voice to a community that is largely overlooked, which brings us to our campaign this year: @overlookedoncampus.

We hope @overlookedoncampus, and the medium of Instagram, will feel like a platform for students to share their experiences as an anonymous and confidential contributor. Posting simple, but powerful statements about the reality of these students’ lives, we aim to bring light to an issue that is incredibly #overlooked in our society today, as well as gather testimonials to create a vibrant community of college students across the nation.

During the national Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week in November, we will ask campus leaders to strategically place our posters around campus and table on at least one day out of the week to hand out campus-specific resource cards. The cards will provide information that will point students to resources on your campus for food insecure students, including food pantries, meal credits, etc. Both the posters and the resource cards will direct students to the @overlookedoncampus account which will accept DMs detailing students’ personal experience with student hunger.



1. Raise Awareness #studenthungerisreal: We want to reduce stigma by engaging the campus around the issue of student hunger, in addition to specifically giving students facing hunger a platform to anonymously share and educate.

2. Promote Resources: Be the middle person between food security resources on campus (e.g. meal vouchers, food pantry, SNAP enrollment, emergency funds, etc.) and students facing hunger. What’s available to students? Where do students go when they need help?


3. Advertise Swipes Drive: Give the larger student body an actionable task in response to all they’ve learned– donate your extra meals! Be sure to advertise when the Swipes Drive is and how it works.




Resource card (USC example): 

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