Born under the name "Swipes for the Homeless" in 2009, a few friends at UCLA went into the dining hall, used their meal cards to take away some sandwiches and then delivered them around town. In a single week, 300 meals were collected. 

A few months later, the team partnered with UCLA's Dining Services to allow students to donate their extra meal funds to provide 1,087 meals to community members. By the Fall of 2014, the team collected over 15,000 donated meals in a single week. In 2015, our movement was renamed to Swipe Out Hunger but our objectives to end hunger, raise awareness about this issue, and foster student leadership have remained central to our mission. Check out a full timeline of our work! 


We are the leading national organization dedicated to helping college campuses implement effective solutions to end hunger among their students-- namely through meal credit donation programs 



The vision of Swipes is to put an end to hunger on college campuses by empowering stewardship among students and administrators across the country.


Swipe Out Hunger has been recognized by The White House, Forbes, The Case Foundation, and other influencers as a benchmark for positive change on America's college campuses and an emerging leader in the non-profit field of hunger awareness and alleviation.  Check out our press page for more information! 

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