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USC Swipe Out Hunger was founded in Spring of 2012 to aid the issue of homelessness in the Los Angeles area. Outside the gates of USC lie many less fortunate victims of homelessness, and as a privileged community of USC students, we decided to take a stance and make a difference. It is our honor to announce that we collect an outstanding sum of $21,000-40,000 per semester! In the 2017-18 academic year, we are looking forward to expanding our Swipes team while continuing to create a positive impact in our community. Learn more about how to get involved below!

And always remember — for us it's a swipe, for them it's hope.

Our Mission

By collecting unused dining dollars and donating meals to Jovenes and The Midnight Mission [nonprofits working to transform homelessness in Los Angeles], we hope to educate and raise awareness to the USC campus about hunger & homelessness in the LA area while offering the opportunity to help people help others.

How Swipes at USC Works

Through USC Swipe Out Hunger, students sign up their student ID numbers to donate any unused dining dollars to our cause. The remaining balance does not come off their accounts until after the last day of finals when students do not have access to their dining dollars any longer. Without donating to Swipes, the remaining money would go back to USC, so it doesn't hurt to sign up and give even a few dollars that may be left to feed the homeless!

At semester's end, USC Hospitality converts the money into food, per Jovenes' and The Midnight Mission's request, and we hold our Giving Day the first week of Spring semester! 

Fall 2017 SWIPES WEEK is Nov. 27 - Dec. 1!! 

Our donation week– affectionately dubbed Swipes Week– is always during the last week of classes. Pledge your unused dining dollars this semester and help feed the homeless! Be sure to stay posted on our FB page, where we will keep you updated on our semester events including volunteer nights, awareness tabling, fundraising and more! 

Get Involved 

Swipes is always in need of volunteers on donation week. We are also currently accepting Exec. Board applications for this upcoming fall! If you are interested in becoming a Swipes member at USC, please don’t hesitate to email us at, or you can fill out the application here!

Our Team

Elizabeth Kalinowski, Co-President  | Natasha Piñon, Co-President | Daniel Knupp, VP of Events | Mia Osinski, VP of Swipes Week | Natasha Piñon, VP of Outreach | Emily McElreath, VP of Marketing

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