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Swipe Out Hunger's co-founder Rachel Sumekh was profiled by Sony and Woven Digital. Watch the video that highlights her journey growing Swipes. 



On October 29th, 10 nonprofits pitched and shared their incredible stories. By the end of the night, Swipes was awarded the Judges Grand Prize award, The Annenberg Award and the Media Prize– totaling $30,000. Thank you to SVP, our coaches and to all of you who’ve made our story one of inspiration, hard work and innovation!



The White House:  Campus Champions of Change

In March 2012, Swipes for the Homeless was acknowledged as a Campus Champion of Change. We were invited to the White House and were honored by President Barack Obama. This came after being selected from a pool of 15,000 nominees. 

“There’s a common saying that if you’re not idealistic when you’re young, then you’ve got problems, and if you stay idealistic when you’re old then you got problems. I’m a big believer that you can stay idealistic throughout your life.”

– President Obama


Classy Awards: Most Influential University Organization 

In September 2012, Swipes was named the Most Influential University organization in America at The Classy Awards, the nation's largest philanthropic award ceremony.


Jezabar Foundation: Student Leadership Award

In December 2013, Swipes received a $5,000 grant and was invited to attend and speak at the foundation's Leadership Gala in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Rishwain Social Entrepreneurship Award

In Spring 2011, Swipes received a $2,500 grant through the UCLA School of Public Affairs. Yep, we were called Social Entrepreneurs before it was cool.


Los Angeles City Councilman, Paul Koretz Endorsement

Paul Koretz endorsed and provided facilitative support for Swipe Out Hunger from July 2010- June 2012 and received a city certificate.




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