Promoting Food Resources on Campus

 You're collecting funds but aren't sure where and how to identify students who are in need.

Below are tried and true strategies from several of our chapters. 

  1. Who are these students already talking to?  Tap into administrators who are already in touch with vulnerable students: financial aid, deans, targeted supportive services (such as DACA, former foster care, first-generation students, international students), office of student health/mental health, office of student success and retention, office of diversity and inclusion, student affairs

  2. Student government serves as a neutral body to spread the word. They can send out a regular newsletter blast with the application form.

  3. On-campus food bank – if your admin resources are tight, the food bank coordinators can often help screen students. 

  4. Existing Surveys: Wherever students are filling out any other surveys, a section can be added to screen for other needs, such as meals. ie "Did you experience food insecurity last year? Would you be interested in information on meal resources?"

  5. Residence Halls: RAs can spread the word for the future / help reduce stigma. Since students eventually move off campus, if they find themselves in need of supportive resources, they're already in the know about the campuses' meal program. 
  7. Hunger + Service related student groups  are well positioned (and often enthusiastic) to spread the word.


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