Swipe Out Hunger Chapter Charter


We are thrilled to welcome you and your campus as one of our incredible partners. We are nothing without you (literally). We ask each university contact to sign the charter below so we're  clear on what we at Swipe Out Hunger pledge to you and clear on what we hope for from you. We look forward to working together to address college student hunger.  

If and when this application is approved, Swipes Nonprofit will provide the following to your chapter: 

1) Your program may be affiliated with the Swipe Out Hunger Nonprofit Organization and thus you receive rights to the “Swipe Out Hunger” trademark and brand with the expectation to use branding on all marketing materials in manners consistent with the organization's anti-poverty mission. Failure to adhere to all agreement terms will result in revoking of trademark rights, requiring the campus organization to suspend all activities involving the “Swipe Out Hunger” title.

2) Swipes Nonprofit will draw on best practices from other chapters to provide guidance to your Founding Campus Directors, and connect you with other chapters in our network for support.

3) Swipes Nonprofit shall be responsible for counseling the Founding Campus Directors on issues that arise, including but not limited to administrative roadblocks, outreach, and expansion.

4) Swipes Non-profit shall create a page for your chapter on the www.SwipeHunger.org website to post information regarding your chapter in order to outreach to your campus community.

5) Swipes Nonprofit will provide your chapter with Swipes merchandise (shirts, hats, stickers) and marketing materials to promote morale and campus presence.

6) Swipes Nonprofit will agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless your institution’s chapter, its officers, directors, employees, and members, from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses), and liabilities of every kind and character whatsoever (a "Claim"), which may arise by reason of (i) any act or omission by the Swipes nonprofit or (ii) the inaccuracy or breach of any of the covenants, representations and warranties made by Swipes Non-profit in this Agreement.


In anticipation of the approval of this application, the Founding Chapter Directors and Swipes Nonprofit agree to the following terms:

1) To support the Swipes Nonprofit mission to eradicate campus hunger through innovative programs and student education among our/my respective institutional chapter.

2) To inform the Swipes Nonprofit about the impact of our drives (money raised/ food served). 

3) To make a $200 donation to Swipes Nonprofit. This donation goes directly towards growing our movement to support more students. By donating you're investing in a solution.

4) To understand that Swipes Nonprofit serves as a counseling body and shall not be held responsible or have any legal responsibility for the actions of our chapter or any individuals associated with it  

5) To not create derivate works of Swipes’ intellectual property without obtaining approval of Swipes Executive Director. Such derivative works include alteration of the Swipes name and logo on marketing materials. Upon approval of proposed derivative works by Swipes, Licensee shall have the ability to make and use such works in the marketing of its chapter charter.

6) To not impair the reputation, goodwill, distinctiveness, or validity of Swipes’ intellectual property. Any unilateral manipulation or alteration of its intellectual property without Swipes’ approval will enact an immediate revocation nullification of the Agreement. Basically, don’t do things that are bad under the Swipes name. 

Revocation or Surrender of Chapter Charter: 

In the event that any local chapter shall violate the constitution, Bylaws, and/or policies of Swipe Out Hunger in an open and defiant manner, the charter of the chapter shall be revoked upon a three-fourths vote of the Swipe Out Hunger Board of Directors.

The undersigned certifies that the he/she meets and agrees to the above requirements to charter, and that the he/she is committed to chartering a chapter of Swipe Out Hunger and that this petition is in accordance with the general operating policies of the college/university.


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