Welcome to the Board page! This will be up to date with with board documents and resources. In the meantime, some basics are below. 

 April 3rd Meeting Agenda – Q2 

1. Swipe Out Hunger Financials
- what is in our account
- our current costs 
- the budget for this year 
2. Rachel presents unbelievably incredible funding opportunity we were recently #blessed with. 
3. Establish protocols and processes re finances moving forward. 
4. Updates on: 
- legislation (AB 453)
- Swipes' program growth
- Strategic planning update 
- Crew 2030 (the tech platform we use). 



 January Meeting Action Item

--->>>   Introduce Rachel to 1-2 people  <<<---

Maybe you have a charismatic friend who might be interested in

their company sponsoring our Forbes event in 2 months?

Or someone who would be a good partner for Swipes.

Or a potential board member?   Or you know someone

who has $$ they'd be excited to give to Swipes.

And finally, someone who I could learn from and would be good to have coffee with. 



Here is  a one pager to use to help when making introductions! 

Relevant documents: 

1. Roles and Responsibilities

2. Board Bios

3. Slide deck from first board meeting (for the public)


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