Welcome to the Board page! This will be up to date with with board documents and resources. In the meantime, some basics are below. 

 July 6th Meeting – Q3

1. Board Meeting Minutes

2. Prioritized SWOT Analysis

3. Contact Sheet

4. Organization's 2015 Public Tax Disclosure (990) 

5. Organization's Bylaws 

All of these exist via this google drive folder

NEXT meeting: July 24th, 7-9pm Culver City WeWork. 


 April 3rd Meeting Agenda – Q2 

1. Swipe Out Hunger Financials
- what is in our account
- our current costs 
- the budget for this year 
2. Rachel presents unbelievably incredible funding opportunity we were recently #blessed with. 
3. Establish protocols and processes re finances moving forward. 
4. Updates on: 
- legislation (AB 453)
- Swipes' program growth
- Strategic planning update 
- Crew 2030 (the tech platform we use). 



 January Meeting Action Item Q1

--->>>   Introduce Rachel to 1-2 people  <<<---

Maybe you have a charismatic friend who might be interested in

their company sponsoring our Forbes event in 2 months?

Or someone who would be a good partner for Swipes.

Or a potential board member?   Or you know someone

who has $$ they'd be excited to give to Swipes.

And finally, someone who I could learn from and would be good to have coffee with. 



Here is  a one pager to use to help when making introductions! 

Relevant documents: 

1. Roles and Responsibilities

2. Board Bios

3. Slide deck from first board meeting (for the public)


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